In the lead-up to her fiftieth birthday, Andrea Dean faces midlife and courageously recreates herself. With images and snappy prose—this book celebrates the power of women at all ages.
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Fifty Days to 50: A Mini-Memoir of My Midlife Crisis

Blog—My Inner Selfie

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I’m an author, storyteller, artist and recovering community activist. My new book, Fifty Days to 50—A Mini-memoir of My Midlife Crisis is an exploration of the midlife crisis (and eventual re-birth!) that I found myself in leading up to my 50th birthday. My personal essays on everything from finding God in the arms of the pastor’s son to learning how to pole dance at forty-eight years old can be found on my blog My Inner Selfie.

I’m a native New Yorker who moved to Hawaii in 1989 to start my career (really!). For 25 years, I have been spearheading and managing people-planet-prosperity centered projects. Since 2002, my focus has been on local, sustainable community-based food system development. In other words, I have been the “local foods girl”.

God Sex and Going Green Andrea DeanThe pursuit of a sustainable and spiritual life in Hawaii has been a 25 year odyssey. My adventures with men, chickens, children, plants and dogs are chronicled in my upcoming book God, Sex and Going Green.

After 12 strong years of working on food issues, with the advent of my 50th birthday this year, my brain changed and my attention began to shift from community and food to myself and creativity. The deep exploration of my inner landscape led to the birth of 50 Days to 50—A mini-memoir of my mid-life crisis.

I am currently splitting my time between a solar-powered, five-acre farm in Hawaii and a fully electrified condo in the San Francisco Bay Area. Click here to read the longer version of The Short Story of Andrea Dean.