It’s Animal, Vegetable, Miracle meets Fifty Shades of Grey as one of the countries’ leading local foods activists chronicles her twenty-five year journey in Hawaii—struggling with men, money, chickens, pigs, projects, plants and people. Andrea Dean moved to Hawaii at twenty-three years old to live off the land. Now in her fifties, she knows that trying to live a simple life is complicated.

In this collection of heartfelt and humorous essays, we follow Andrea Dean from giving birth to her son in a horse trough to her dream wedding on Maui’s North shore. From her husband’s decline from a mysterious illness to finding her wedding dress in the trash can. Through it all, Dean forges a career as a local foods activist and finally realizes her dream of a sustainable homestead as a single, middle-age woman. In the end, we get the sense of a woman coming home to herself as she finally learns how to be a New York girl in a Hawaiian world.

On her birthday in August 2017, Andrea Dean made a commitment to be her best spiritual self for the next 365 days—to meditate every morning and evening, become a more patient and loving partner, give up bad habits, abide by the yamas & niyamas and the generally accepted tenets of a life of devotion to God. Little did she know that the shit would hit the fan as soon as she left the gate.

Join Andrea Dean as she navigates the complexities of living a spiritual life in the modern world. Chela: A Year of Spiritual Devotion and other Temptations, coming in 2018. Follow the journey in Chela: Notes from My Diary.

Andrea Dean couldn’t get with the “easy-breezy” attitude some of her friends had about turning fifty. She was barely keeping her head above water, trying not to drown as she approached this midlife milestone. In her inspirational memoir Fifty Days to 50, Dean documents her inner exploration—and how she learned to cross the fifty mark with pride and confidence.

Dean celebrates the fifty days leading up to her fiftieth birthday in a series of selfie-style images coupled with bits of her story. She covers themes like needing to reboot, being tired of being Superwoman, counting her blessings, and connecting with her feminine power.

Dean’s collection is as much about celebrating the power of being a woman as it is about emerging from a midlife crisis. She pays homage to motherhood, female independence, body issues, and other joys and concerns shared by women. It’s fun and easy to read—and packed full of powerful photographs that speak directly to the heart.

If you’re a woman approaching fifty or going through other transitions in life, let Fifty Days to 50 help guide you through.

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